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DU Browser (Fas..

DU Browser (Fas..

DU Apps - November 23,2015

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With the DU Browser, you can visit websites anytime, anywhere. The browser can open smoothly due to its small APK size. In order to offer you a more exciting web experience, this proprietary browser kernel and Cloud acceleration service increase the speed of Internet access and content, such as news, videos, and pictures.

Highlights of the DU Browser:
★Fast: The proprietary browser kernel increases the browser's loading speed for faster browsing;
★News: There is a wide variety of news that allows users to obtain various types of information in a timely fashion. This includes information about politics, sports, and entertainment;
★Video Player: After installing the T5 kernel, you can use the small play video function window to play videos while browsing;

Primary Functions:
►Nine-Patch Quick Link:
You can customize your homepage by adding your favorite sites in order to quickly access them with the press of a button;

►Quick Search:
Perform a quick search by entering key words in the address bar or using voice recognition input;

►Most Visited:
For faster access, the DU Browser will automatically display the sites you've visited in accordance with your visit history;

You can use the DU Browser to quickly and stably download files, such as music (mp3), videos, and apps, etc.;

►Night Mode:
After installing the T5 kernel, at night you can initiate the night mode in order to browse more comfortably and protect your eyes.

►Privacy Protection:
The incognito mode is activated to avoid leaving traces of your browsing history and thus effectively protect your privacy;

►Contents Collection:
The DU Browser collects content such as news, videos, and pictures. On your homepage, you can search and find content under the categories of entertainment, sports, current events, etc., as well as subscribe to interested categories;

►Desktop Icon:
You can quickly visit the DU Browser by using the desktop icon regardless of your location;

► Live Beauty Show:
Live Beauty Show: You can watch live show, listen to music, chat with the host in DU Browser.

►Lottery Ticket Information:
The latest lottery results and related news are provided.

Install DU Browser and enjoy browsing mobile internet together with more than 10 million fellow users! Discover the Web, wherever you are!

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Contact us at: baidubrowserteam@gmail.com

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Additional information

  • UpdatedNovember 23,2015
  • Size4.77MB
  • Downloads52,373
  • Current Version5.2.0.5
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher