DubScript Screenplay Writer
The Production Company - Jan 16, 2018


DubScript Screenplay Writer is an easy, industry-strength app to write TV, film, and YouTube screenplays using open plain-text. It can read Final Draft (.fdx) or Fountain and output to PDF, Final Draft (.fdx), HTML, and .trelby formats.

"Great for beginning screenwriters... full-featured [and] good-looking..."
--New York Times

Now works on Chromebooks that support Android!


Create a new script. Then write naturally and quickly in the plain-text editor without the usual "screenplay software formatting stuff" in your way. Don't waste time stopping to manually format or indent "character", "slug line", or "action" items. Just flow uninterrupted-- scenes start with INT. or EXT, capitalize CHARACTER NAMES, double-space between dialog.

In other words, make it look "screenplayish".

Ready for the agent to read your blockbuster? With a single swipe, DubScript does the formatting for you adding the indentation, page breaks, CONT'Ds, numbering, margins, and text styling. Now you've got a proper screenplay!

But don't forget a title page! It's just as easy to add scene numbers, side-by-side dialogue, centered text, notes, page breaks, and more. See https://fountain.io/syntax for tips. "Fountain" is a non-proprietary, open standard for writing TV and movie scripts, so your screenplay file is compatible with programs on Mac, Linux, and Windows too!

You can save right on your device's storage (without needing an online connection) or to the cloud (Google Drive, Box, etc.). Or, forward yourself a quick off-device backup with another text app (mail, messaging, cloud) using the Share button.


➕ No "lock in". Write in an open format exchangeable with other apps and editors
➕ View Final Draft (.FDX) screenplays and import to plain text for editing
➕ Output scripts to PDF, .FDX, HTML, .trelby, or cloud printers
➕ Save files to local storage or via the cloud (Google Drive, Box, etc.)
➕ Add title page, dual-dialogue, and bold, underline, and italic for emphasis
➕ Editor has auto-suggest of previous characters/scene headings, undo/redo, find/replace, copy/paste, spell-check, auto-complete, keyboard shortcuts, and more
➕ Night mode
➕ Assortment of screenplay fonts
➕ US Letter and A4 paper size
➕ Auto-saves local backups (just in case)
➕ Draft compare
➕ Add diagonal watermarks across every page
➕ Hear your script read
➕ Statistics, reports, scene and character counts
➕ Chromebook & Android 8 support
➕ Much more!


Feel adventurous? Sign up for the beta program in the Play Store to try the newest test releases. And offer any suggestions at https://www.dubscript.com


Every feature in DubScript is fully enabled, there is NO built-in limit to the number of screenplays you can have, and reading mode is ad-free. Should you optionally wish to become a DubScript supporter, you may disable ads + a small "DubScript" message on printed output/PDF. Your monthly/annual subscription can be canceled any time.

DubScript is not created, supported, affiliated, or endorsed by Final Draft, Inc., Trelby, Fountain.io, Box, Google, Inc., The New York Times, or the developer or distributor of any other program. See Terms and Conditions for full disclaimers and terms of use.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 16, 2018
1.0 RC38
Android 4.0 or higher

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