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Finger driver your car and win the race. Car merger from spare parts and engine.
Bean between speed and patency.
Extreme car driving simulator with realistic forza horizon.
The new adventure of extreme suv racer Joe Kaboch.
Having saved money for the entry fee to participate in the competition and Russian off-road car Niva, Joe Kaboch went on a new adventure on a chill.

Although you can not use a pitch gauge and a clinometer (inclinometer) - you must correctly determine the azimuth and the angle of the loan so as not to sully your car.

Good checkpoint app and uphill racing.

4x4 SUV Niva is created to overcome any, even seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But this time the level of obstacles is prohibitive, so to finish on all the routes will have to significantly upgrade the car.
Turn your Jeep into a super powerful trail monster. Finish rally offroad.
Prolonged ascents and sharp descents, quicksand and ice-like ice, broken asphalt and impassable mud - that's what awaits our hero in these complicated but fantastically interesting rallies.

Finish on the track with the best time, while do not forget to stop at checkpoints (checkpoints), because for the pass checkpoints, you will be penalized for 15 seconds, which will push you far from the desired first place.

Trails are divided by the type of soil, and each has 3 levels of complexity.
At each level, different contestants participate, which show different results. Enter the prize places, earn money and improve your all-wheel-drive car.

1) The best system for improving the car - upgrades affect both the characteristics of the car and its appearance.
2) You can improve the engine, gearbox, wheels, shock absorber struts, brake discs, exhaust system, air intakes, color, suspension, auto spiele, and body.
2) Interesting and absolutely different game levels with obstacle course (Assphalt, Dirt, Sand, Grunt, Snow and ice, Blurred road, copper mountain, mud riding, realistic off roading, best for people who love mud bogging games).
3) Excellent graphics and realistic physics simulation.
4) Realistic motor sound.
5) Unique competitive system.
6) Cool racing games for boys. You need hillclimb and descend from the mountains.
7) You can choose the all-wheel-drive or
rear drive
8) Best off-road hill climb racing has already started, conquer the highest hills.

We will be grateful if you write us about any problems related to the game to avacorpgame@gmail.com. Please indicate the make and model of your device.

Visit our group on Facebook, where we play prizes among fans of the game: https://www.facebook.com/groups/avacorp/

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 10, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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