Earphone Assistant
LittleGood - Apr 16, 2018


When the plug is connected, the set application starts automatically.
Depending on the setting, you can change automatically to the desired volume.
Depending on the setting, you can activate and switch the application from the volume button or notification area.

■ Usage and functions
- Setting usage conditions -
+ Launch the application and set usage conditions in the service setting item.
When you start for the first time, the plug-in volume specification check will be executed.
The start application is optional.
If you are using Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, please turn on use history access from application.

+ Add widgets to the home screen as necessary.

- Start the assist function -
+ When starting from an application
Launch the application and turn on or check the assistance service.

+ When starting from a widget
Click on the widget.
A confirmation dialog is displayed, so select Yes.
(Dialogs can also be hidden)

The assist function enters the execution state and waits for plug connection.
When the connection of the plug is confirmed, the set application is started up.
Depending on the setting, the volume for the earphone is changed.

- End assist function -
+ When exiting from the application
Launch the application, turn OFF the assist service or uncheck it.

+ When exiting from widget
Click on the widget.
A confirmation dialog will be displayed, so select Yes.
(Dialogs can also be hidden)

The assist function is stopped and the volume returns to the volume before using the application.

- What is the assist function -
+ Start applications (up to 3) to be used at the same time. (option)
+ When connection of the plug is confirmed, set it to volume for earphone. (option)
+ With the volume button, switching of applications is possible. (option)
+ Applications can be switched from the notification area. (option)

■ Supplement
+ Application switching by the volume button will not work if an application (such as camera application) that assigns the volume button to another function is set as the startup application.
+ Even if the service is running, volume change, application launch, application switching will not work during function setting.
+ When the plug type is inserted and the service is terminated with the plug disconnected, the volume at plug insertion will not be restored.
+ If application switching by the volume button does not work, please double click on it.

+ When setting to suppress consumption of power / memory (activation of restraint application), it may not work properly.
If you do not recognize the connection and the symptoms such as the icon of the notification area do not disappear even after the termination, please remove this application from the target of consumption suppression.

■ OS version supported
Ver 4.0 or higher

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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