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The EdiView is an easy-to-use and handy network camera app, ideal for monitoring your home or office from any 3G or Wi-FI connection. With Edimax innovative Plug-n-View technology, you can say goodbye to inconvenient and complicated setting procedures. It’s extremely easy to connect your Edimax network camera to the cloud in just a few simple steps and access it remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer no matter where you are.

Features of the EdiView Android app:
1. Easy, intuitive setup and network management
2. Live viewing from any 3G or Wi-Fi connection
3. Remote pan and tilt control*
4. Motion activated snapshots
5. Adjust brightness, saturation, sharpness, video quality and pan & tilt speed* settings remotely
6. Remotely control up to 12 Edimax network cameras

* For pan/tilt supported models only

Supported Edimax Plug-n-View (Cloud/IP mode) network cameras:
1. IC-3115W
2. IC-3116W
3. IC-3100, IC-3100P, IC-3100W
4. IC-3110, IC-3110P, IC-3110W
5. IC-7100, IC-7100P, IC-7100W
6. IC-7110, IC-7110P, IC-7110W
7. IC-7001W

It's also support other Edimax network cameras(IP mode only):
1. IC-3015Wn
2. IC-3030, IC-3030PoE, IC-3030Wn
3. IC-3030i, IC-3030iPoE, IC-3030iWn
4. IC-7000PT V3, IC-7000PTn V3, IC-7000PoE V3
5. IC-7010PT, IC-7010PTn, IC-7010PoE

For more information, please go to www.edimax.com

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 12, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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