Elite Sniper Crime Hunter- FPS Shooting Game
Gamebook Studios - Nov 11, 2017


It’s time to once again sniper drone shooting battle, modern ultimate combat gun sniper shooting & last strike war in this amazing crisis action packed 3D fighting free to play fps battle game. This counter ultimate terrorist mission will let you experience the best free action game. In hunter combat force FPS warrior 2017 be an elite modern courage commando agent action class sniper free hunter in a realistic heroic war environment to chase the enemy players. In this battleground of combat gunship shooting combat be like a true favorite hero counter commando terrorist shooter to defeat grand first terrorists strike, real gangster assault, deadly criminals & dead mafia head. Get ready for royale city hunting sniper spree gun broker & last frontier crisis action sniper enemy war fighting in survival prison jail island to control the increased terrorist attack rate in the city. You are well equipped with all modern weapons including sniper like shadow pump guns & short gun rifles so as a silent frontier sniper super shooter battle warrior aim, target & hunt lethal criminal & gangster assault to firepower shooting combat shoot battle action royale them. This free bullet action force gameplay is full of fast action thrilling terror free fps gun broker mission & army hot sniper hunter shooting spree, so use your hero elite fighter sniper hunting skills to be a true mirror war warrior favorite hero to horrifying the city terrorist, real gangster crime & mafia heist.
Be a part of the heroic war of real gangster crime 3D city war sniper confront blazing war in this free gunfare 2017 shooting game. You are badly stuck in the dangerous abandoned prison last fight war where chances of escape are pretty less since security guards & wardens are present all around. You have to use your super modern elite agent gun combat super blazing skills to shoot vice terrorist attack present in jail. The city crime terror rate has rapidly increased ever since offensive gangster mafia have destructively attacked by modern weapons including sniper & bombs. You have been alerted by counter military sniper team bullet army force have about the critical terrorism situation so be ready to be the hit elite sniper hunter man & ultimate gun fighter shooter for city peace survival. Once you rescue the dangerous jail be very conscious since the counter vice terrorist enemies are para trooping. Move yourself as a secret stealth mutant sniper hunter hero to counter deadly enemies hidden & flying. This ultimate gun sniper crime hunter action war of free FPS 2017 will let you experience real time shooting including sniper & enhance battle fighting survival skills. Time has arrived to be a shadow sniper gun for critical counter sniper mission of terrorist shooting gun war attack!
The modern terrorist attack of gunship free action game real gangster mission will be worth playing so don’t wait to play & eliminate bullet deadly criminal force enemies. You will be able to upgrade your counter commando sniper shooting weapons including sniper as you progress certain levels. A thrilling & adventurous hunting spree of terrorist, real gangster combat crime & mafia in crime city shooting game. Let’s begin vehicular combat as a true mirror hope superhero battle of modern super sniper hunter combat in best free FPS city shooting of 2017.
• Complete & unlock challenging missions
• Intense FPS shooting gameplay
• High quality HD graphics
• Hunt & eliminate target
• Top-notch thrilling sound effects

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 11, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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