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AndUtil - Feb 14, 2018
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Put some emotion into your SMS and emails for free! Emoji Keyboard is a free app for Android. Emoji Keyboard helps you add several different emotions to your email and text. So go ahead and express yourself. It is free, all you need is your imagination and your Android phone or tablet.

Keyboard Themes - 1000s of different Emoji Keyboard themes including color options, Photo Keyboards, Text Settings, Keyboard layouts, Photo Backgrounds, Keyboard Fonts and more. Animated Keyboard Themes to entertain yourself.

Photo Keyboard - Set your photos as Keyboard Background and show off your Photo Keyboard to people. Photo Keyboard is best way to have Fancy Keyboards.

Animated Emojis for Texting - Animated Emoji Keyboard to send Emoji through text and other social platforms. What to share an Animated Emoji for Android on social platform? Animated Emojis for Android? This is the app for you.

Emoji Status - Create Funny looking Emoji Status messages with Emoticons and Text Status messages, Emoji Status, Animated Status Messages and more.

Emoji Keyboard - Emoji's of various category including Smiley emojis, Flag Emojis, Emoticon icons and more added. Emoji Keyboard is a full fledged keyboard is not a simple Emoji Plugin. Stick your tongue out, wink, or show you are mad all with a single tap on the emoji keyboard.

ASCII Text Art Keyboard - Share Emoticons as Text art with Emoticon Keyboard.

Animated Emojis for Texting, Politician Emojis to share, Funny Emojis to share on Facebook, Cartoon Emojis to share on WhatsApp, Customize your Emoticon Keyboard with Photo Keyboard.

Looking for Pope Emojis, Modi Emojis or Trump Emojis ? We have them all.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 14, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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