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ALL GAMES DOWNLOAD FREE! BUT you must own the original game cartridge or cd and you also must own the system or console you are emulating.

This app provide thousands of Emulator ROMs (including the NES/FC, SNES/SFC, GBA, MD/Genesis, PSX). The user interface similar to the android market. it's easy for searching, finding, downloading your favorite Emulator ROMs. You can even download the emulators from the this app. You can play emulator games in one step. Enjoy!


-If some roms can't be played or crash, that maybe the bugs of the emulator app not the bugs of Emulator ROMs.

-If you used Tiger emulators, report the bugs to tiger king .

-If you used yongzh's emulators, report the bugs to yongzh .

-If you used ZodTTD's emulators(such as psx4droid), report this bugs to ZodTTD .

-IF YOU NEED MULTI-TOUCH, YOU SHOULD HAVE ANDROID 2.1+, AND YOUR HARDWARE (Such as samsang GALAXY S, GALAXY Tab, etc.) MUST BE SUPPORTED. if you never read this, and screaming "can't use 2 buttons at the same time", everyone will think that you are a real idiot.

-We will add more types(GB/GBC, PSX, CPS1/CPS2/Neogeo/MAME, etc.) support later.

-PSX Game need High-profile device, and PSX 3D Game on High-profile device also slow. zodTTD(the author of psx4droid) will support hardware acceleration in the future on some device(NOT ALL). if you want run faster, please send email to him, not comment here, because he can't see any comment leaves here.

-PSX ROM is so large, you need have enough sdcard space to download and unzip them.

-PSX ROMs are not all work well. if you find some ROM can't work, try to change PSX BIOS, or try the options in psx4droid's setting page. If it also can't work, please email to psx4droid's authors, they will help you.

-if you don't know HOW TO MAKE PSX games to work. PLEASE run PSX4DROID FIRST, and then read its HELP. if you never read its HELP, and screaming "don't work", everyone will think that you are a real idiot.

-If you use wap or 3G is so

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