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Ulianov Alexey - Oct 23, 2014
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Dict U EnRu Lite

English Russian dictionary.
Dict U - fast offline dictionary, "install-works", does not require additional operations, easy to use, no need to switch between languages (dictionary does this automatically).

Lite Version Features:
* Number of words of English-Russian translation of about 150 000
* Number of words of Russian-English translation of about 53 000
* transcription
* Search
* History
* Favorites
* A list of English personal names
* The ability to install on SD card
* The ability to choose the font size of 3 options
* The list of irregular verbs (the whole list is displayed on the *)
* Search from Articles (long tap on word)
* Translate from clipboard just copy a word from another program, and if service was started, variant of translation will be displayed.
* You can change numbers of elements in lists in main tab and history
* Use hardware button "Search" for return on main tab "Search" from another windows (except Settings)

In Pro version additional:
* without ads
* In the horizontal position it is possible to show the translation next to the list (usefull for tablets)
* Choice of 2 theme
* Pronunciation of words - a long tap on the item list, for good pronunciation recommend to put SVOX (that worked: put android SVOX configured by default)
* Brightness
* Links from the article
* Add yours words in Favorites

3.0 Lite
* English-Russian databases 150000 articles
* Russian-English databases 53,000 articles
* Fixed a memory leak
* New icons
* Added functionality to the button "Search"
* Favorites Tab
* A menu with additional options for search lists, history and favorites
* Translated from the clipboard in the status bar - service checks for new words (only one) and shows the translation in the status bar
* Rearranged menu
* The ability to change the number of elements in the search listings, and stories
* When you long press on the word of an article in a separate window translation - at the bottom displays the translation of the word
* Button for clear searching field
* Fix critical bugs

About any errors, please write to the mail about it as detailed as possible for their possible solutions.

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Recent changes:
3.0.3 Lite
3.0.2 Lite
* another try to solve crash
* hand-writed main icon was returned
3.0.1 Lite
quick update
* fixed crashes
* fixed size list's history
* fixed autoclearing search field
* improves in service
3.0 Lite
see in description.

Content rating: Everyone

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 23, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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