ESL Podcast- Unofficial
Ahmad Nemati - May 8, 2014


This app is for you if you are learning English as your second language. you also find out a lot about american culture, famous people or songs and enormous of interesting information while learning English, Thanks to Dr. Jeff McQuillan, Dr Lucy Tse and the center for educational developments.
This is an online streaming app which means with this app you don't need to download the files before listening to them or being worried about the memory of your device. You can enjoy your daily learning on the go wherever you have access to the internet. Downloading option could be added to this app depending on user'd preference.
You can always check for more information and news about ESL podcast.
Please note this is NOT the official application from ESLPod and ESLPod( ) has all copyright about these provided contents.

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May 8, 2014