EZWin - Win iPhone with 5฿
EZWin - Mar 30, 2017


EZWin is a fair and transparent crowdfunding shopping platform, where an investment of a diamond will win you the opportunity to obtain popular products and help you achieve big prizes.

Steps to win prize:
1. Log in the application through Google or Facebook
2.Click the your favorite goods and the pieces you want to buy. After payment you'll get the lottery number. The more pieces you order, the more likely you'll win the lottery.
3. After paying for the ordered pieces, the prize number will be released based on the principle of fairness. The people who hold the number will win the products.

Fair and just lottery algorithm:
The lottery-drawing algorithm is fair and transparent. When the pieces of goods for a round are sold out, the platform will make summation for the purchase records of latest 50 times across the outlet. Then add the remainder of the summation divided by the total pieces of the products and 10,000,001 together, and then produce the prize number.

Authentic products and genuine resources guaranteed:
All goods on the platform are genuinely from Lazada.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 30, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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