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Fox Team - Oct 12, 2017


Prank Dial is a prank caller ID app(Call simulator) that you can download and use for free from google play, let other people think that you’re getting calls from celebrities like Trump, Bolt, Shakira and more. Set up your called fake ID character and start getting incoming calls!

Prank Dial fakes your caller ID and helps you make your friends and family that you’re getting real calls from famous people, there is plenty of Fake Call applications but our app provides a unique user experience and a unique user interface.

Using Prank Dial you can fool your friends and family, make them believe you’re getting an incoming call from Donald Trump by simulating a realistic fake call from any famous figure you want, not just Donald Trump.

You can use this application as an excuse too, a fake call could be a very good idea to get out from a boring meeting, as you can pretend that your boss is calling too!

It can be used also to escape from awkward situations and play funny jokes on your friends !

How does Prank Dial works?

Choose a character by default or create your own one.
Insert a fake caller name.
Type a fake caller phone number.
Choose your fake call time.

Here we go! now just wait for the call, and !

Prank Dial app is totally free, and don’t forget to give us a 5 star nice review, never forget to reward a good work.

Enjoy the easiest fake call app in the google store!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 12, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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