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Falcon Flash Pl..

Falcon Flash Pl..

Ricky Kay - August 18,2014

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Do you want to view your favorite flash web page in your Android Phone? Or play your favorite Facebook flash game on your newly bought Android tablet? Falcon Web Browser is definitely the best flash player you can find ! No plugin needed. You can play open any flash web page instantly.
Compared to other cloud-based flash playing solution, Falcon Web Browser do it all LOCALLY on your device, the performance of flash much much faster. You can even play flash game on Falcon Web browser. Falcon Web Browser make use of android hardware GPU acceleration technology, so the performance is very smooth.
Note: This is a free trial version of Falcon Browser, this version contains a two week free trial. Please purchase full version of Falcon Browser if you found this app useful.
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Additional information

  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
  • Size11.31MB
  • Downloads2,821
  • Current Version1.0.2
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 4.2.2 or higher