Family GPS tracker My Family
PrTM - Feb 18, 2018


A fully cross-platform family locator and multi-purpose family helper.

Not only is "My Family" is the most easy-to-use and accurate locator where everyone in your family is and tracking their locations in real time, it’s an entire family service centre with a win range of functions.

GPS tracker My Family - is the most secure app! We have no registration and no reference to personal data. We do not store any chat history, nor information about locations. All data is stored only on the phones of our users. Our servers only transmit the "impersonal" information between users. You can be sure that nobody will be able to know where your child is or read your messages.

MY FAMILY LOCATOR allows you to:

- DETERMINE THE LOCATIONS OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS IN REAL TIME. You decide on your own when your family can see where you are.

- TURN ON KID MODE on your child’s phone. Your little wanderer won't be able to turn off location services or change the app's settings. As well as producing a voice audition for VoIP means. You will be able to hear what is happening near your child and say something on the speakerphone. Also you can make the forced snapshot and video from child`s phone.

- VIEW MOVEMENT HISTORIES for any of your family members on the map using the Tracking function. Movement histories are stored for three years!

- CREATE PLACES and receive a notification when a family member arrives at or leaves a place. You can set up multiple geofences. You will no longer have to worry about whether your child made it to school or your grandma to the cottage.

- FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Select from 15 colour themes!

- HAVE A FAMILY CHAT. Your family will always be there to talk.

- ASK YOUR "FAMILY MENTOR" FOR ADVICE. A family counsellor of sort that will give you advice based on your family’s behaviour.

Join our Premium users and discover the additional features of the app with MyFamily Premium!
In MyFamily Premium you will be able to:
- Make the forced snapshot and video from the device with Kid mode (front or back camera). Unfortunately, for iOS devices this feature will work only when the app is open.
- Create itinerary to the user (by foot or by car).
- Hide your location from each user in your family.
Also, MyFamily Premium includes:
- Increased time of voip-connection (forced call).
- Unlimited number of members to track.
- Unlimited number of location alerts (geofences).

Why should you download family GPS tracker "My Family"?

- Family locator lets you ensure your children and elderly parents are safe and secure. Say good-bye to unjustified worry. Tracking kids was never so easy
- You decide for yourself when your family can see your location. You can always make your location invisible in the App's settings, but not in Kid Mode!
- Your children will be less scared to leave the neighbourhood and venture out into the city.
- You'll keep in closer touch with your loved ones
- View any family member's movement history for the past three years!

Please note that all features based on GPS technology require a GPS-equipped smartphone and require GPS to be turned on in your phone settings. Of course My Family tracker can find where you are using your cellular
signal or network alone but the GPS offers exact coordinates.

The App conserves power, but as with any app with GPS functionality, your battery life may be slightly diminished.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 18, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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