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Dr. Vishwanath Koti - Feb 13, 2018


Agriculture production is not cope off with world population increase. This emphasizes maximization of production per unit area through multiple cropping, appropriate technologies and precision farming which ensures world food/nutrition security.
For Precision farming use of exact quantity of Seeds, Fertilizers and Fertilizers is very important to enhance yield with minimal use of these inputs without effecting soil health.
Hence we are dedicating this farm calculator to farming community to save costs by calculating exact quantity requirement of Fertilizers, Pesticides and Seeds required for Farm for sustainability in farming.
1. Fertilizers (NPK) Calculator: Calculate exact quantity of NPK fertilizers required per unit area based on recommendation or soil testing, which saves costs and avoids excess use of fertilizers and degradation of soil health.
2. Pesticides/Fungicides/Herbicides Calculator: Apply exact quantity of Pesticides/Fungicides/Herbicides of different company pesticides with different active ingredients (a.i) to manage your pests/diseases/weeds at your farm and minimize excess use of these agriculture inputs
3. Plant Population Calculator: Calculate exact number of seeds for your field crops or plats required for unit area for your horticulture crops.
4. Seed Rate Calculator: Calculate exact quantity of seeds required for your farm based on seed test weight and germination of the seeds.
5. Seed Blending Calculator: Calculate blending of seeds of marginal lots with high germination lots to avoid wastage of marginal seed lots according to Karl Pearson square method. This could be also used as wine blending calculator.

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