Fast Charger Battery Saver - Junk Cleaner, Booster
Pontus Studio - Aug 13, 2017


Fast Charging Applications - 2017 battery saving makes your mobile critically charging superfast batteries to prolong battery life. In addition, this is the best battery-saver software currently receiving positive feedback from users.

The fast battery charger and battery saving software not only provide efficient battery saving mode. It also offers many other advantages such as accelerate the phone, free memory acceleration phone, data cleaning, all in one battery saver, battery alarm when fully charged.

Battery saving application enhances the speed of your device, scans your phone, cleans your memory, cleans up your data. Especially protecting phone battery and saving battery, and is the fastest charging software for android now. The super-fast rechargeable software allows you to test and shut down your underground applications for energy. You can save battery for android with this fast charging app.

Extremely fast charging

Quick charging mode with 3-stage charging system to shorten the charging time. The quick battery sac is also equipped with a reminders state when the phone is fully charged. In addition, it also super battery saves by monitoring functions, regulating power consumption, battery doctor for android, battery extender for android, battery full charge alarm, battery optimizer for android, battery saver and task killer app, battery saver fast energy, battery life extender.

Accelerate the RAM memory

Ram memory is significantly improved by optimizing the speed of the phone by closing the applications running underground power consumption of the machine. It helps to clean up the smart android phone. The memory-cleaning application makes the machine run faster, the garbage collection app starts automatically and cleans up the phone with a touch, clean ram memory, clean optimize and boost phone
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Fast charging and battery saving

Thanks to software to remove rubbish for android to save energy for love mobile up to 30%. This cleanup application cleans up the Android garbage, cleans up junk files, cleans up junk and cpu cooling, android junk cleaner, app that gives you more storage space, best cache and junk cleaner for android, best junk cleaner for android phone, best junk ram and cache cleaner for android, clean fast cleaner and booster clean junk file ram cache, clean junk files, clean junk files and boost my speed, clean junk files on sd card in phone storage

Delete excess files

Smartphone memory cleaner helps to delete files from cache, ads ... junk phone remover quickly, improve the speed of the machine efficiently, battery boosters and fast charger, battery boosters and fast charger, battery charger fast 2017, battery fast charging app, battery super fast full charging, charge battery fast, battery power speed up charge, double charge battery 200, fast battery charge app for android, fast charge battery booster, fast charger app for android, fast charging app for android.

Reduce heat device

The best garbage removal software by owner of the device also helps to monitor the temperature of the device when used. Then conduct application-induced and closed-analytical analysis that lowers CPU temperature, keeps the temperature of the mobile phone at normal levels, and does not light up the hand when in use.

Salient features

- Clean up 2017 garbage and recharge extremely fast for the phone
- The app provides many smart features: battery-saving, battery-saving, super fast charging, super special battery saver for android.
- Identify applications running underground to consume power of the machine
- Cleans and speeds up the phone

Download cleanup garbage machine to enjoy the great features. Not only does it clean up the speed and battery life, but we're constantly striving to deliver the best user experience possible.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 13, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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