Fast Charger - Charging Speed
Smart Tools & Free Media Developer - Sep 13, 2018
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Fast Charger - Charging Speed

Fast Charger - Charging Speed is charge battery tool and fast charge for andriod device. charge full battery in minutes. speed charging speed up to 50% and about 30-50 minutes. moreover reduced charging time, improved battery health and battery life.

Fast Charger - Charging Speed helps user to save battery life just tap and keeps android phone stay longer., and use phone charger system to keep battery healthy. Enjoy boosting your phone battery.

charge battery app can charger your phone faster than a normal charger! and extend your battery life saver more than for normal life by finding apps and settings that drain power battery on Android phone and makes your battery last longer and better life.

when you plug the charger, this charger app will support your phone to charge with the fastest. Quick charging automatically activate and boost charge speed.

Fast Charger - Charging Speed Features :
- Automatically fast charging mode and fix battery problem.
- Automatic active when plugged in
- Closed all apps running in the background apps and consumes battery service automatic, Which will make charge faster.
- Speed up battery charging
- fast chargingd battery cycles
- Shows battery widget displays details battery info : Battery percentages, Battery temperature, Battery voltage, Battery health
- battery charger cycle count
- power saver battery
- battery optimizer and life saver enhance your battery life

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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Sep 13, 2018


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