Fastest Charging Phone
Charge Faster Battery pro - Feb 14, 2018


Fastest Charging Phone
If you want to reduce the waiting time for charging the battery and doing the Faster Charger.
Fastest Charging Phone, quick charge Smartphone in a few minutes than before.
This app will quick charging automatically activate when you connect your charger and it will boost charge speed.
Help to Charge fast battery and charging your mobile phone fully charge fast only 30-50 minutes.

Super Battery saver are more than Power-efficient applications that do not require an online connection to perform tasks.
“Fast charging” also has chart to review how your batery was charged, help you control batery status.

✓ Works fast charge automatically when plugged in.
When you plug in the device, the battery pro application is automatically turned on. To start the charger process faster. The application will kill all running apps background and use batery services such WiFi, 3G, mobile internet, Bluetooth etc.
✓ Boost charge speed up and fast charger battery pro your device.
Boost Charge Screen Saver will close your background running apps that are not needed during charging to help accelerate time to recharge your batteries and recommends you functions to turn off in order to save even more.
✓Show charging levels, optimization for quick charging
Show comprehensive battery information for you, and know your battery status. Quick Charging will help you optimize Boost Charge progress.
✓Extending battery life with Quick Charging will help you optimize charging performance.
Which can boost charge your battery charge faster speed by about 20 - 40%.
✓Quick charge that do not require an online connection.
This app will automatically launch when you connect the charger right away by phone without having an internet connection..
✓Battery charger is free app
Fastest Charging Phone It's the most powerful boost charge Battery Saver, a free charge faster battery application that allows you to extend the standby time for your Android phone!

Step Battery Charge faster works.
1. Saving your battery is just one tap away.Connect the battery charger to your phone, then Battery Charge faster will detect and activated automatically speed charger fast charging is works.
2. Fastest Charging Phone application Helps save power battery saver from overheating and apps running in the background and consumes batery services such as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, blue tooth, other power surges and also help repair problems during charge faster batterie rapidement.
3. Then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it can speed charger fast charging.

Fastest Charging Phone is a batery saver app, protect battery of android device.
This application is operational on all android Smartphones.Download this app for Quick fast charger battery.
Battery Saver helper :
• Analysis battery temperature, battery status and time remaining.
• Kill applications that are not needed during charging to help accelerate time to recharge your batteries.
• One-tap Battery Optimizer.
• Optimizing battery life with one click.
• Intelligent power battery saver
• The Charge faster app is free forever!.

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Thanks for use Fastest Charging Phone ,the best charge faster Application.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 14, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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