Fat to Fit Hippo
rosytales - Dec 12, 2017


Do not miss the opportunity one of these animal games have for you! Take a shot and prove that you can handle any situation you might be put in and even better you can succeed the tasks that are assigned to you with no difficulties. It all sounds compromising, but this could be your chance to see the way you might influence the lifestyle of a hippo. Although they a lot of veggies it seems like their race has some problem with the overweight. Your job is to bring him into shape after a session with you and not only, you will have the chance to perform facial treatments, design and assemble nice looks. Basically you will be her personal trainer and if the sport activity is not convincing you there are many other things you could try. This fit game comes with 4 outdoor activities where you need to follow the given instructions to perform each type of exercise, then you will return to the gym where you will use the devices that will help the hippo lose her weight and have a nice toned body. Burn calories and move right to the part that implies the facial makeover. Clean the spot, apply the first mask, rub the skin and add the face cream. When you are done the make up will follow and if you think that was fun, wait until to reach the dressing up point. Get a nice outfit and make sure you highlight the new shape of her body with a nice pair of shoes and a fancy skirt.

Besides the experience and the way it makes you will this game has infiltrated some interesting features:
- Free to play
- Peaceful music and lovely interface
- Amazing transformation to achieve
- Nice outfit to assemble and even nicer sports performance
- Easy control of the game
- Useful tricks to use in the gym for yourself as well
- Find the balance for a fit life
- Learn exercises
- Help a desperate hippo to get in shape
- Major impact on an animal lifestyle

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 12, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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