Fiery fairy
Basterio - Feb 6, 2018


Awesome “Fiery fairy” free live wallpaper with pretty girl on fire!

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The fairy in Celtic and German folklore is a mythological being of a metaphysical nature.
Fairies have supernatural powers.
Usually fairy leads a hidden way of life, but at the same time interferes with the daily life of people in the guise of good intentions, often causing harm.
The image of a fairy as an attractive and miniature woman was formed in the heyday of romanticism in Western literature.
In a broad sense, fairy in Western European folklore is usually understood to mean the entire diversity of related mythological creatures, often radically different from each other by appearance and habits.
It is believed that fairy is a friendly creature that brings good luck.
But in fact, much more often fairies are crafty and vindictive beings prone to evil jokes and abductions of babies.
The word fairy was borrowed from the Old French language.
The source of the French term is the Latin word meaning "soul".
The first reports of fairies appeared in medieval Europe, and the most widespread in Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
Often in the guise of fairies, folklore was infiltrated by characters from ancient mythology.
The idea of a fairy as a humanoid tiny creature with wings appeared in the second half of the XIX century.
Initially, the fairy was described in two ways - either as a high, luminous angel-like entity, or as something small and wrinkled.
It is believed that the fairy is able to take the form of animals.
The ability of fairies to reincarnation has no limits!
The fairy is a sensible, mobile spirit, possessing a luminous body in the form of a dense cloud.
The fairy's body is so changeable that the fairy can disappear and appear at will.
In Celtic folklore, the fairy is a tiny creature, becoming invisible when wearing a magic cap.
The first time to depict fairies with wings of insects began the artists of the Victorian era, when the fairy in the mass consciousness began to turn into a kind beauty from children's fairy tales.
Social fairies live in communities and are engaged in collective idle activities: dancing, playing music and participating in luxurious feasts.
Lonely fairies avoid gatherings and despise unbridled fun.
These fairies join the person and become part of the home, trying to help the owners and bring good luck.
A single fairy loves to do good: help the poor; bring toys to children, take off damage.
The kingdom of fairies resembles the human concept of life in heaven.
The main feature of fairies is an unusual resentment, a tendency to all sorts of tricks.
Vindictive fairy can steal small items, lead travelers from the true path, cause illness ...
The insulted fairy is terrible in her anger: she reacts fiercely and resolutely!
The primary role in protecting from the wrath of the fairy is assigned to the cold gland.
Also, fairies are afraid of the sound of church bells.
As characters, fairies began to appear in medieval romantic literature as creatures that met wandering knights.
In Victorian times, a literary-fairy-tale idea of a fairy who formed good works with the help of a magic wand.
Install "Fiery fairy" free live wallpaper and enjoy magnificent spectacle!

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