Fifa 12
geegyboy - Aug 18, 2014


Do you play Fifa 12
You Could able to Receive $200 For participation.

How is this possible?
Complete the offer and you could able to win a $200 Visa Gift Card .How Its easy , The sponsors pay to be a part of the program , which allows to give the participants incredible gifts.
Note - This is not Fifa 12 game , this is an offer from advertisers to do a survey.

consumerincentiverewards Gift Program is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with , Ea sports or any other merchants listed above. Such terms are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

To receive the reward you must: 1) be a U.S./ Canada resident at least 18 years of age or older; 2) Register with Email; 3) Complete the user surveys; 4) Complete the following reward offers: 2 Silver, 2 Gold, and 2 Platinum offers (Available reward offers will vary. Some reward offers require a purchase.)( This is not a game so please read everything before download , and don't give negative feedback)we dont force you to instaal this app , this is not a game this is an advertising page only
This is to inform That you should enter your email to participate this offer , also its up to you to enter your email or not.This survey offer is depend on your own interest, There is no compulsion to use your email , Enter your email and participate only If your are interested in survey. This is not a game to play , but you can able to win $200 giftcard Please read Every thing before you download.

Content rating: Everyone

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Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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