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File Manager HD - Jul 17, 2017


Power,Simple,Easily and Free File Manager (File Explorer).

★ Simple & Easily: clear and simple interface, Manage your files efficiently and easily.
★ File Manager: select single or multiple files, copy, move, rename, delete, share and other operations, Both SD card and internal storage supported.
★ File Category: Browse files easily by category right from File Explorer (File Manager) home page,quickly view pictures, videos, music, applications, processes and so on.
★ Disk cleaning: File manager (File Explorer) will analyze storage useage,detect large files,redundancy,temp file,allowing users to delete file,free up more space.
★ FTP transfer: The easiest,fastest way to browse the phone folder/file on your computer,other smartphones,tablets or other devices.
★ Application Manager: quickly lists all the installed applications,allowing the users to choose whether to uninstall, backup or read detailed information about each application.
★ Process Manager: it used to kill background running apps,reduce CPU usage,save battery.
★ New File Notify: When you get new file, File Explorer will inform you at the first time.

The main feature & Benefits of File Manager (File Explorer):
- Support for multiple operations, such as copy, cut, delete, compression, decompression, sharing etc.
- Quickly view the built-in SD card and external SD card storage file.
- Quickly search and view local files.
- Quickly view pictures, music, videos, applications, processes, downloads,bluetooth etc. by category.
- Quickly view,kill background running application,reduce CPU usage and save battery.
- Quickly open, backup, or uninstall applications.
- Provide a variety of easy tools, such as clean-up, sharing, FTP.
- Select multiple files by long click in file list.
- Quickly create txt files & folders.
- Bookmark the folder and view the bookmark in the sidebar.
- For advanced user operation, we provide root mode.
- The file list supports multiple view modes and can be sorted by time, name, size.
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Requires Android
Jul 17, 2017
Android 4.2.2 or higher

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