Final Impact
i-Fun Games - Sep 18, 2018


World's are crumbling, people are suffering! Destiny are calling to defends the World from Cruel Alien invation, it's time for you to become the greatest heroes in story and save humankind!

Let's Play Final Impact! New Trending Action RPG Games with stunning graphics and non-stop combos, tons of unique features and exciting competitive features! Recruit Legendary hero and build the Invincible Squad and beat enemies ahead!

► HD Graphics With Low Spec Requierments
Play and feel the excitement of New Trending Hack and Slash RPG! Stunning Graphics, Awesome Battle Effect and Smooth Control can played on any smartphone! Play now and feel the FINAL IMPACT!

► Real Time Global Massive War
Outplayed worldwide players in most competitive features in Final Impact! compete against global players and claim your throne in Camp War, Show your Squad Strength and claim tons of rewards everyday! it's your destiny to finish the final fantasy adventure of your life.

► Forge, Enhance and Conquer The Battlefield
Clear Elite Dungeons and collect item Material for Forge your Ultimate Weapons! Ultimate Weapons will increase Hero Powers and Damage, Beat Evil Aliens ahead and win save all the people! Let's write your name as the greatest Warrior in History!

► Login 2 Days and Get FREE LEGENDARY HERO!
Donwload, Login, and Play for 2 days to get Free Legendary Heroes, recruit Legendary Heroes to join your rank on the battlefield! Heroes Combo with unlimited powers will blast enemies away!

► 24/7 Nonstop Exciting Event
We held 24/7 Nonstop Exciting Events! Play and get massive prizes, Consumable Item, Epic Runes, and FREE EPIC COSTUME in 7-Days Login! Play and never get bored playing Final Impact! what are you waiting for? Download and Play Now!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 18, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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