Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
Onex Softech - Sep 14, 2017


Professional and Best fingerprint lock screen to lock your android phone.

You can also fool your family or friends by a Fingerprint Lock Screen.

You can change the number of scans for unlock from the settings screen.

Your friends do not know the trick , you can simply pretend that it works only for your fingerprint.

How to use:

1. Open Fingerprint Lock Screen and choose number of scans.

2. In the lock screen page, Place your finger on the scanner and hold it. Then scanner starts scanning, count the scans and once it completes 3 scans(default) or (you can set the scans count at home page) release your finger and fingerprint screen lock will be unlocked.

✔ Full HD graphics.
✔ Customized wallpaper changer for lock screen.
✔ Can be set as a screen locker.
✔ Display the date and time as iOS lock screen style.
✔ Custom settings like vibrate, sound, time format.
✔ Awesome sound effects.
✔ Fingerprint Lock Screen prank is one of the best Lock screen app in play store.
✔ Fingerprint Lock Screen prank Works as even offline also.
✔ Fingerprint Lock Screen prank is free for you to download.

Note: This app is not a real fingerprint scanner and It is a trick to unlock your phone and you can use it to fool with your friends! This is not a secure replacement for a real lock screen and is not for security purposes.

This Fingerprint lock screen is designed for entertainment purposes only.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 14, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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