Fire in a World : LBS GPS War Tower Defense
Sayhong Games 日上娛樂集團 - Jun 18, 2017
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This is a LBS game imitating emperors to expand your domains in the world! Your Majesty, lead millions of troops and rush to opponents' GPS coordinate with your cellphone. Besiege their city walls and root out devils on Earth!

《Fire in a World: on Earth Map》 is a Mobile game where you interact in a real world moving map whereby you can create castles, at the same time carrying your mobile device to the territory of other players, invading their castles, snatching their property and calling yourself King!

This a 2D Tower Defense game, the player must pay attention to the kinds of infantry that the enemy releases and at the same time keep an eye on the amount of energy depleted, in order to dispatch the most effective combination of infantry type. The above coupled with killer moves will ensure the the enemy castle and territory be taken down in no time!

There are currently roles which possess 70 kinds of characteristics and skills of your choice. All of the above coupled with an ultra realistic physics engine which imitates a realistic battlefield will ensure that you have the most unforgettable moments and collisions with enemy forces during major standoffs.

The major categories of character skills attributes and types of characters are as follows: human shield, devouring, acceleration, long range weaponry, explosion, homing missiles, Castle invading weapons, enhancement of attack, self explosion, descending, duplication, blood sucking, summoning, spell control, replenishing of health, defeating of enemies, assisting, shapeshifting, assassins, etc.

With the exception of high level infantry who must take in the fragments of enemy troops in order to increase HP. All other types of infantry can proceed to the game's store to purchase enhancements. Purchases can be made for unlimited upgrades, at the same time upgrade the HP, energy and defense weaponry for the castles. The levels for the above mechanisms are limitless.

The most exciting part must be the "conquer them all" section, the player must create a real castle on Google maps, at the same time defending real players from within the given territory they built the castles in. Players can also stealthily move his/her mobile device to the territory of another enemy's castle and then initiating attack, in order to acquire character fragments and gain tokens. However players can also collect continuous tax money from defending a castle, players need only station the strongest troops and allocate the best artillery for active defense within the castle. (Players must have GPS activated in their phones in order to take part in this form of battle mode.)

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News: build Boss on Maps system, release soon~!

This game build with box2d,Physics engine,corona sdk,mongodb,java,lbs,Location-based

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 18, 2017
Android 2.2 or higher

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