FireFighter Emergency Rescue Sandbox Simulator 911
CreativeLab Games - Mar 12, 2018


Fire Fighter Emergency Rescue Sandbox Simulator 911 - save people's lives their business and of course at home, fire and water all in one huge open world! You are a brave firefighter responsible for a measured city life and you are struggling with an hour at each stage. Earn bonuses from extinguishing a fire, feel the driving simulator.

Forward to help after the crash of the game in the fastest race there was a fire - grab the hose, drive to the accident site to save people's lives, and show courage of a real firefighter.

- A series of exciting fire missions;
- Fire trucks with water hoses and ambulances;
- Drive fast and fearlessly because you have a siren;
- High detail of the fire truck;
- Animated flame and black smoke during blanking;
- To break obstacles with an ax on the way to extinguishing a fire;
- Real urban traffic obstructing movement around the city;
- An open world with a large city filled with emergency situations;
- Many situations with 911 and different routes throughout the city.

Manage this fire truck, travel around obstacles, so that rescuers have time on time. And after arriving at the place, start saving the inhabitants from the burning building and extinguish the fire.
Your goal in the game to defeat the fire is parked closer to the hydrant with water unwound the hose and start extinguishing the flame! Bring to the limit the engine speed of your fire engine, but arrive sooner than the house burns or the person will suffer from the fire!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 12, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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