Fort Raiders SMAAASH!
ACQUIRE Corp. - Sep 30, 2015


People speak of a Temple in the Sky, where a vast treasure is said to lie.
It is here that the legendary warrior of yore is said to have imprisoned
the Dark Dragon of the Apocalypse...
Which was just great, because warriors suddenly found themselves out of work.
Sword-swinging and arrow-firing just aren't marketable skills during peacetime.
As the years went by, the ranks of the unemployed swelled
as warriors found themselves rejected from one job after another.
Things looked dire...until one warrior started to build a fort--
one tall enough to reach the fabled treasures of the Temple in the Sky.
Soon, other warriors followed, triggering a fierce fort-building race.
Warriors started raiding each others' forts in a bid to get to the Temple first.
Will the legends prove to be true?
Or is it all a marketing scheme cooked up by the fort making industry?
Build the Tallest Fort Of Them All!
The fort will serve as your base throughout the game.
Here, you can produce and store resources and hire warriors to do your dirty work.
Build up your fort using blocks and fortify it with a range of facilities!
SMAAASH Your Opponents' Forts in Raids!
Sometimes, it's easier to take than do the hard work yourself.
If you need some quick resources, hire a range of warriors--and
one of many legendary Heroes as well!--to raid someone else's fort!
By smashing up a fort, you'll earn the resources that went into building it.
You can then use these resources to fortify your own fort!
Of course, your opponents will have the same idea.
You'll have to hire guards and build artillery to protect your own fort.
SMAAASH Up Forts to Earn Resources!
Destroying all the facilities on one level of a fort brings it crashing down,
letting you earn a bunch of resources in the process.
By timing the destruction of a fort's facilities just right,
you can take down several levels in one go!
Triggering a chain like this lets you earn more and better resources.
Retry Past Raids to Reclaim Resources!
Take your eyes off your fort for just one minute,
and suddenly it's been raided, with all your resources gone.
But don't worry--you'll get a second chance!
When you Retry a raid, you can change the course of history
and reclaim some of your precious resources!
Upgrade Your Fort and Warriors!
Raising the level of the facilities in your fort will let you
produce more resources, hire more warriors, and enjoy other benefits!
You can also research warriors at the Academy
to turn them into elite warriors with even cooler outfits!
With a squad of elite warriors, nothing can stop you!*
(*Victory not guaranteed.)
Important: Please Read
You need to be online at all times to play "Fort Raiders SMAAASH!" Please make sure you have a stable internet connection.
Getting disconnected during play may corrupt your save data. We cannot be held responsible for any lost save data.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 30, 2015
Android 4.0 or higher

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