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Frases de Chico..

Frases de Chico..

Frenys - August 18,2014

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If you're in need of some spiritual guidance or simply looking for some wisdom , visit this collection of the best quotes of Chico Xavier .
Francisco de Paula Cândido Xavier , better known as Chico Xavier , was a psychic , philanthropist, and one of the most important disseminators of Spiritualism . Born Francisco de Paula Cândido , named after the saint of the day of his birth , the father's name was replaced by Francisco Cândido Xavier psycograph soon as the first books, change official in April 1966, when he reached his second trip to USA. Through her ​​mediumship , psychographic 468 books , having sold over 50 million copies and being Brazilian writer most commercially successful of the story , but always gave every picture books , notarized, to charities . Also psycograph about ten thousand letters , having never charged anything to the recipient. His jobs were salesman, factory worker and typist .
Enjoy the wisdom of the author , share it with your friends and suggest quotes from Chico Xavier to complete the collection !

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