Freak Jr. - Oct 12, 2017


A calculator of a different kind with the four basic arithmetical operations, with a skilful typing and with a different style of calculating history, only the things that you need on a daily routine.

The main purpose of this app is, to entertain the users, in addition to the calculating.


Some of the functionalities/features:

★ simplicity

★ the design with 3D-Buttons,

★ colored formatting within history for actual calculations, that means you can every time keep an eye on your calculations of the current session,

★ automatic scrolling down/up within input for long calculations,

★ automatic simplification of the numbers during input,

★ automatically using parentheses when calculating with negative numbers,

★ results without scientific notation(in other words without "E"),

★ complete translatings(from the actual input too) in English, German, Turkish and especially Arabic,

★ changing the design by holding down the buttons 0-3,

★ changing the font of the buttons by pressing and holding "=" - button(not for all devices),

★ unlimitied calculation history,

★ and much more...


There is a copy-function within the input and history.

You can share with us screenshots of the app by using the "Contact"-button at the left drawer menu, if you were able to find out something according to the last point of functionalities/features.

Following functionalities are available in the left drawer menu:
* contacting us,
* sharing/rating the app,
* changing the language,
* displaying and clearing the calculation history.

The satisfaction of the users is a very important part of the app development.
According to this we want to request you all to contact us by using the "Contact"- button
on the left drawer menu if you have some trouble with the app or if you find a bug, and describe us the case before giving a negative rating or a negative comment.
In this way you support the future development of the app.

Of course we are going to try our best to find the solution of each case.


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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 12, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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