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French British ..

French British ..

Pocket Parade - February 08,2016

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It is the mid-18th century, and two old enemies face each other once again, battling for supremacy in the Old World. It is up to you to lead one side to victory and build an Empire that spans the globe. Will you lead the British forces of George II, an aging monarch disdained by his British subjects? Or will you command the french armies of Louis XV, whose neglectful rule has the French speaking of revolution? Only one side can triumph. Build your settlement. Train your men. Forge your weapons. Expect no mercy.
FBW is a multiplayer real-time strategy game for iOS and Android. Its optimized for tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab 2, Nexus 7, ...).
Do you like games like Clash of Clan and Age of Empires? Try Colonies vs Empire!
The game is FREE and ADS FREE. Good reviews are motivating us to keep improving the game. Lets keep it this way. Help promote the game. Write a positive review, give us a Google +1 and like our Facebook page.

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  • UpdatedFebruary 08,2016
  • Size28.32MB
  • Downloads341
  • Current Version1.2.3
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 3.0 or higher