Frozen Water Slide Car Game
Interactive Games - Aug 5, 2017


Frozen Water Slide Car Game is extreme water slide adventure with car racing on frozen water slides. Its a extreme fun car game you can do extreme car race on water slide extreme height, Fasten your seat belt and push the gas to get the fastest speed as you have to jump in open sky with super speedy cars.

The game starts with car in the glaciers of Alaska on the highest water slides which gets freeze due to cold. Now drive your car very carefully in bouncy rush like ice skating. It is very difficult to drive in the cars race on frozen water because of zero friction. You do like a water minder to save your player from slipping on slides.

Complete the all mission and jump high to survive in the car race.Download the Game and enjoy the car racing on frozen water slide!

Game Play:
• Tap the accelerate button to speed up
• Touch brake to slow down or reverse the car

Features of Frozen Water Car Game:
⬩ Realistic physics engine & Stable controls
⬩ High octane racer motorcycle & insane action
⬩ Drive like a pro driver
⬩ Amazing environments to explore!
⬩ High quality, immersive visuals
⬩ Off-road frozen track racing 4x4 drifting
⬩ Smooth fast speed car handing

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 5, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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