Futuristic Flying Robot Battle
Cloud Games Studio 3D - Jul 26, 2017


After success of futuristic robot battle 2017, once again here you’ll have a thrilling experience of robot games under flying robot games portfolio. You, as a gigantic flying robot, need to shoot down police vehicles in the latest of flying games. Secondly, you also get the chance of shooting down opponent robots flying high in the sky. Of course! You haven’t surely seen multiple vehicles in such a setting in classic flying jet and cars robots games! We bring you the best of futuristic games to step up your game and rule this futuristic robot battle arena. Balance your robot hero and master the art of shooting in FUTURISTIC FLYING ROBOT BATTLE, one of the most iconic robot battle games of the year!

★★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★★
• 10 thrilling robots fighting missions
• Enthralling game-play having a combined fun of robot flying games and robot simulator games.
• Switch from your futuristic flying cars and transform into a humongous robot!
• Variety of opponent police vehicles including cars, limousines and helicopters.
• Operate multiple gigantic robots!
• Attack your rival flying robots and take them down; unheard in other robot new games.
• Smooth on-screen shooting controls, specially designed for shooting games’ thrill.
• Realistic & vibrant 3d environment with active traffic not seen in typical genre of robot war games.
• Exciting sounds augmenting robot car games' fun.
• Realistic sci-fi robot animations, just like in similar robot fighting games.
• Attractive lighting and effects for being in sync with future games theme.

Fight for survival! So, have an escape from orthodox robot battle games and enter the dreamy world of futuristic games. Absolutely! It’s the trend setter for flying robot games, where you get to perform multiple shooting scenarios with futuristic robot battle 2017 fun. Our aim is to offer you the most captivating thriller of robot games, so that you can take on the challenge of unleashing your shooting skills in the finest of flying games. Hurry up and try this cool FUTURISTIC FLYING ROBOT BATTLE game!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 26, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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