Gesture Music Player
S.T.E.P - Mar 26, 2018


Gesture Music Player is a unique music player in the play store where you can play any of your album,artist,genre and playlist songs with a simple gesture and with an simple yet amazing UI.
Gesture Music Player not only has amazing UI it also has best in the class sound reproducing capacity, it is much clear and louder when compared to other apps.
It is lightweight with the app size being less than 3 mb.

It comes with a powerful 5 band equalizer with 10 presets for an amazing musical experience.

Note :This is a music player which plays the songs downloaded in your device NOT a Music downloader.

Features of Gesture Music Player

★ You set your Gestures to play the songs from your favorite album, artist, genre and playlists.
★ All the songs are presented in a divided manner, division takes place along the dimensions of album, artist, folder, genre, playlist and all tracks.
★ Add your favorite songs to the playlist and listen to them whenever you require.
★ Share your favorite songs from the app itself.
★ Use sleep timer and set the time when you need music to stop automatically.
★ Powerful 5 band equalizer.
★ Powerful bass and virtualizer.
★ Comes with 10 presets.
★ You can set ringtone through the application.
★ And many more....

PS : If you liked the application please share it with your friends and give us a review and feedback :) and don't forget to enjoy your songs through Gesture Music Player.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 26, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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