Ghost Fire Skull Super Hero - Grand City Battle
Echno Gaming Master - Oct 2, 2018


Prepare yourself for a dose of thrill and suspense with the amazing superhero city rescue simulation. You have all the powers of a ghost hero like burning chain and flame-throwing blasts. So you can easily fight evil forces and demolish the whole city to overcome your dreams. It is a rampage type simulation and you can start by destroying everything in the city. You will be given different tasks at each level to complete with your amazing superpowers. Don’t let policemen and other forces stop you. Kill them with your fire powers and complete your mission to reach next level. Ghost grand Fire Hero is a thrilling game and you need to be a ghost hero, fight with super villains like incredible monster hero and bat fantastic hero with a strange spider. By playing Ghost Fire Skull Super Hero - Grand City Battle VS Superheroes Monster and become the super star of this war. Use your fighting skills and strange attack powers with the help of your ghost bike hero blaze fire and start the skull rider battle against the criminals and mafia of the crime city. This action game packed you play as city hero and kill all the evil enemies like a fantastic hero with ghost fire skull.

Each level of the game is full of different hurdles and a specific objective for you to complete. You need to follow provided instructions and use the buttons to control skull hero. Each button allows you to control the Ghost Fire Skull Super Hero - Grand City Battle. You will be amazed at the addictive graphics and realistic combat fighting controls of the character. Feel the life of a superhero with fire skills to fight enemies and win epic battles. he incredible ghost grand skull hero has the firepower to beat the enemy in few seconds and make them dead. Be a ghost hero in the ghost games. There are multiple supervillains in the city and the ghost hero fights with them the battle of revenge. In Ghost Fire Skull Super Hero - Grand City Battle your ghost hero bike rider will appear from the fire of hell to take action against the criminal and mafia in crime city. Demolish enemy comic superheroes. Get ready for the mortal combo and stay on the battlefield with your ghost fire skull war hero. Were you always dreaming of superhero spirit and start to Fight against the forces of hell and complete your salvation!

We have added tons of exciting features for you to have an enjoyable gaming experience. There are multiple levels for you to play. Each level brings new objectives and hurdles for you with strong villains. Practice combat moves, fire attacks, and other superpowers to burn enemies into ashes. Face different obstacles in the grand city of super criminals and save lives of innocent civilians. Sound’s interesting? So why not give it a try? Install the epic ghost fire rider hero simulation and start destroying! Ghost Fire Skull Super Hero - Grand City Battle is a thrilling game where you play as ghost hero, fight with super villains like a monster hero and fantastic hero. You can use his fighting skills strange powers against the superpowers of your dangerous challengers. Ghost hero uses its firepower to kill the dangerous enemies and save the big city from evil powers. City Rescue you as eminent ghost hero or skull rider will be engaged in highly intense hero city battle or well-spread city rescue mission against evil enemies in a battle environment that includes incredible monster hero or eminent war hero and highly dangerous flying spider hero which are making evil plans to build an evil empire in the futuristic city.

Features of Ghost Fire Skull Super Hero - Grand City Battle:
- Thrilling graphics and attractive city environment
- Realistic skull hero with smooth physics
- Amazing fire blasting superpowers
- Interesting simulation gaming timeline with different missions
- Easy to play for anyone
- Simple button controls for each superpower
- Endless fun and addiction with grand city

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 2, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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