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Gludon - Sep 9, 2018


Welcome to Gludon News.

Gludon is an innovative, pro-active, and up to date mobile news platform, continuously fetching global online news - real time – presenting what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the news that interest you. Keeping you up to date.

Gludon is an intelligent news app that allows you to read personalised news feeds that help you learn more about the stories that interest and matter to you.

Gludon News continuously provides you with the latest news on specific (trending) topics from sports to business, from politics to entertainment and technology to health

 Select the newsfeeds that your find interesting and matter to you, and easily filter a custom newsfeed
 Gludon focuses on the following categories: global (political) news, business & finance, sports, innovation & technology, entertainment and health
 Easily scan through the most important newsfeeds to see which articles are trending, breaking and most read.
 Instantly share any news article on your social media time lines and email or text the news directly from within the app.
 Never miss the latest newsfeeds. Notifications built inside the app will notify you about the most important news. Gludon bring the news to you.
 Bookmark the most interesting headlines and article feeds as starred to read them anytime.
 Earn points reading articles and suggest a newsfeed to you are interested in and vote for suggestions made by fellow readers of Gludon. Creating your own media company.

Gludon News brings you the latest, breaking news and headlines on the following news feeds:

 Max Verstappen
 Virat Kohli
 Novak Djokavic
 Cristiano Ronaldo
 Serena Williams
 LeBron James
 Mike Trout

 Bitcoin
 Currency Exchange
 Gold value
 Next debt crisis
 Apple

 Trade War
 Mid term elections
 Climate change
 North Korea
 Trump
 Brexit

 Christopher Nolan
 Sharukh Khan
 Elon Musk
 Priyanka Chopra
 Meghan Markle
 Conor MCGregor
 Kardashian
 Taylor Swift

 Blockchain
 Cryptocurrency
 Apple
 Tesla
 Space X
 Blue Origin
 Amazon
 Google

 Obesity
 Tobacco
 Environmental Quality
 Diabetes Treatment
 Cancer Treatment
 Physical Activity and Nutrition

Gludon News is perfectly designed for those who want to be continuously up to date about certain (trending) newsfeeds. The app uses news feeds from a wide range of trusted online sources to get you all the latest news real time on a single mobile device.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 9, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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