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katzoft - Aug 18, 2014


How much time do you spend on emails each day? Would you like to spend less time sifting through the irrelevant ones and focus more on the ones that really matter?
Gmail Popup is a triage tool that allows you to see at a glance what requires your attention and what can be safely ignored.

The standard Gmail notifications in Android require a number of clicks and swipes to get to your inbox. With Gmail Popup you can peek into your inbox straight away. This saves you a lot of time throughout the day, every day.

What makes this app unique is that is displays the sender and subject of new emails on the popup. Save time and get to "Inbox (0)" with this ingenious tool!

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please email us first before commenting/rating!

Upgrade to the full version to get rid of the ads and unlock a lot more customisation options that allow you to adapt it to your needs.

What's in this version:

3.5: Added previews on the popup, redesigned home screen, added more options
3.4: Fixed for ICS
3.3: Updated ad library, fixed a bug that could cause a force close
3.2: Optimised behavior when receiving new emails on different accounts before dismissing the popup, reworded part of the UI text, beautified transient popups and made them stay on screen for longer
3.1: Added test button, streamlined popup layout, fixed several bugs

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 1.5 or higher

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