GMD Smart Rotate
Good Mood Droid - Oct 23, 2014


Smart screen rotation using front facing camera.
Smart keeping screen on using front facing camera.
*** It may not work on your device because of Android fragmentation ***
How does it work:
* It does not modify your system. Any application can request particular rotation on Android, similar to some games that only run in landscape or other applications. So this application requests particular rotation based on accelerometer, camera and your settings.
* Other applications that allow you to force rotations use same technique.
* No changes are done to the system and it is not possible.
* There are several modes available:
- Smart Rotate Off - is same as stock rotation. This allows you to use stock Android rotation where you prefer it.
- Smart Rotate On - forced automatic rotation. This mode can use camera to confirm rotation too. First application detect device rotation using accelerometer, then it uses front facing camera to confirm device rotation and decides to rotate screen or not to rotate depending on your face orientation.
- Portrait/Landscape - locks screen in selected orientation.
* Known problems
- Camera detection may not work on some devices. You can still turn camera off in settings and use this application to force rotate applications or preset screen orientation for particular applications.
- Use front facing camera to evaluate your face position and decide if device screen needs to be rotated.
- Automatically keep screen turned on while you are looking at it (Full version only).
- Lock rotation in landscape or portrait.
- Force rotate applications that does not allow rotation by default.
- Set per application rotation preferences (Full version only).
- Rotation preferences widget and launcher shortcuts.
- Integrates with GMD GestureControl and GMD SPen Control using shortcuts.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 23, 2014
Android 2.3 or higher

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