Klaus Bechtold - Oct 12, 2016


The GPSies Android app offers a comfortable and convenient access to all of these routes.
Of course, you can record your own routes. During the recording, the distance and the speed will be shown. Recorded routes can easily uploaded to You choose whether other users can see the route.
As a registered user, you have access to your notepad of So you have all the information on your Smartphone - in text form and as a map display. In addition, you can use the 'Live-Tracking' feature. Let others participate on your activities in real time.
The app offers you a variety of maps. From Google to the popular OpenStreetMap maps.
The app was developed for Android smartphones starting version 4.0. It is designed with standard Android navigation patterns to allow a quick start. The discreet design supports the user in his actions.
From a technical perspective, great value was placed on simplicity, loosely coupled modules and standards-compliant implementation. Thus arose a serviceable piece of software, from the other releases may occur in the near future.
The special thing about the GPSies app
Popular: GPSies Android is the Android app of the largest European leisure outdoor community
Inspirational: more than 3 million fascinating and exciting routes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe - and around the world
Simple: Routes close to find, remember, download, record and share - easily
Effective: the app is constantly developing thanks to community feedback and improved
Free: the app itself and use are absolutely free

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 12, 2016
Android 4.0 or higher

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