Grand Gangster: Vegas Crime City
Play Republic Entertainment - Dec 14, 2017
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Enter the city of crime, auto theft, gangsters and sin, in this exciting free open world miami mafia game that takes to the streets of top crimes Vegas Gangster's city and its dangerous deadly criminals, gangster crimes and crime mafia in this secret city of vice. Your drive & steal cars, shoot up rival gang members, and explore the city crime in Vegas NYC Ganglands in any way your like to come up on top of the nyc car mafia under world. Enter the Vegas Gangster Crime City and make your way to the top crimes squad by evading cops, stealing cars, living the miami secret city crime in Vegas Port City and roaming free to explore various possibilities. Take reckless pure vegas crime lords down, fighting mafia crime bosses and steering your way to the top in this mighty quest to rule the city of vice as a big time Vegas gangster. With various cars to steal and drive, take it to the streets of vegas, evade cops when you need to survive the mayhem that is this nyc car mafia city of sin. Grand Gangster: Vegas Port City is all about gangster crime, auto theft to drive through the Vegas streets and shooting gangsters to rise up to the top.

The game also offers exciting MMA fighting mechanics, so make good use of your MMA fighting skills & unique abilities if you come across rival gang members. Not just that, the game also offers various long range sniper rifles, assault rifles, hand guns, & grenades to help you cause the maximum amount of mayhem that you can. Rise up to the top as Vegas Port City's top sharpshooter and sniper. With bigger city map then ever, take your shooting experience to a whole new level in this extreme gangster crime game.

Enter the world of gang wars, auto theft, clash of mafia, and meddle with the criminal battle royale to come out on top as a champ. Grand Gangster: Vegas Port City offers an exciting story mode to explore where you have several missions to complete and further your ranks a the Vegas Port City's most wanted criminal and gangster. Explore all the mean streets, city crimes and put your auto theft skills & unique abilities for a spin for the ultimate prize and control of your turf. So if you're a fan of MMA fight games, free games, shooting games, or open world mafia games, Grand Gangster: Vegas Port City is the game for you.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 14, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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