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Welcome to Growtopia, the world’s most creative sandbox! This is a 2D platformer MMO where everyone is a hero! Jump into a multiverse of unlimited pixel worlds – astonishing opportunities to Build, Punch, Break, and Grow await! Create mind-bending block masterpieces with friends and fill them with anything your heart desires!
There are no rules, no limits for your fun – just countless worlds where you create whatever you want... with whomever you like!

★ BUILD literally anything – castles, dungeons, skyscrapers, artwork, puzzles - even your favorite movie scenes!
★ JOIN OUR ENORMOUS COMMUNITY - millions of players are waiting for you!
★ PLAY THOUSANDS OF MINI GAMES from parkour and races to PVP battles and ghost hunting!
★ UNIQUE crafting process! PLANT seeds, SPLICE seeds, GROW trees - find your own way to create rare items!
★ MONTHLY UPDATES! We do our best to entertain you with exciting monthly updates involving new items and events!
★ EXPLORE countless unique worlds - you can enter any of them!
★ CROSS PLATFORM! Play anywhere – on any of your mobile devices or using the desktop client, - the progress is shared!

BE AWARE! This is an online game about collecting items – make sure to keep them safe
** Note: This is a freemium game that has optional In-App Purchases! **
Note: In-App Purchase, Chat, and Tapjoy Offer Wall options can be disabled in a Personal Controls area in the Options menu.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 17, 2018
Android 2.3.3 or higher

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