Guam Super Grand: Fighter Hero
Key Stone Games - Oct 14, 2018


In a spaceship, The scientists perform several tests on a thousand humans to turn them into superheroes. Unfortunately, all of them have died, The only one man survived who can turn his self into a big man-monster. The big man-monster is known as the Guam superhero fighter in this monster game, who is totally unstoppable and more powerful as compared to a normal human. Be ready to play this free monster game and control a big man monster superhero to fight against the aliens and other enemies. In this free superhero games, the main character of this monster game, gaum has different kinds of specials power that is helpful for fighting against the enemies. In this game, Your superhero is able to fly, destroy tanks and helicopters by throwing hard objects. Use all these Superhero powers to become an unstoppable incredible monster.

The big monster game starts from a spaceship where you have to collect all the test tubes and research work that is helpful to turn a human into a big monster fighter hero. Suddenly, the spaceship gets destroyed and you will fall from a spaceship on to the earth. The anger of losing a life of a simple human, fear of the death, the pressure of the air turns you into a big man monster because you have survived from the different laboratory tests that were conducted to a turn a human into a superhero. In the beginning, the people of the country think that you must be killed, as you can be a danger for the country so you have to fight with them to survive.

Afterward, the country will be under attack of aliens, so the country needs your help to save all the innocent humans around you. The big man monster fights against the aliens and saves the country to become a superhero.

Game Features:
• Superhero Long Jump
• Monster Thunder Clap
• Fight with tanks and Helicopters
• Monster Hit Ground Neuclear explosion.
• Ground Hit Stone Pickup and Throw.
• Fly around the globe.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 14, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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