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Guitar - Virtua..

Guitar - Virtua..

NETTuno - Fanatic/Creative/Developers - March 31,2016

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It's an electronic programmable guitar. Stylish, portable and practical, it is suitable for the students, for the ones
who want to play with it, for entertaining friends, to amaze your partner, …
Beware of imitation!
• Simple and complete
Everyone can play, no corns on your fingertips, no complicate finger positions. Expert guitarists can always show their abilities, arpegging thanks to multitouch!
• Always with you
On the beach, at a party, on the street, every moment is right for a serenade, karaoke or some jammin'. You have a guitar in your pocket!
• Discreet
Wear your earphones and practice on arpeggios and tablature. You will not bother anyone and no one will complain with you!
• A lot of songs are ready to be played!
Choose an on-line chords sequence, or set it by yourself, save it on your device and share it with the world! Every time you touch the big chords-holder button, you switch sequentially between the chords.
• Shake...
… to play the chords!
• Clean or Distorted?
Touching the "distortion" button you get the distortion effect.
• Stopped Chords
Touching the STOP button you can immediately stop the chords. By keeping it pressed you get the "stopped chords" effect.
• More than 100 available chords
Combine them to create new songs. All the chords that you need are in your hand!
• Power Chords included!
Power Chords make VirtualGuitar suitable also for Rock, Heavy Metal and every genre where a distorted guitar is used.
• High Res Graphic, HD Sounds, hyper-realistic
The graphic is optimized for the HD Display. The sounds are uncompressed. The chords truly vibrate!
• Free!
You don't have to spend money thank's to the Ad support!
• Tips!
For more informations and "how to" read the integrated help section.
Connect your device to an external speaker for a better sound.

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Additional information

  • UpdatedMarch 31,2016
  • Size7.1MB
  • Downloads38,820
  • Current Version2.6.5
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0.3 or higher