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Seven Leaf - Oct 10, 2014


Gun Gallery designed for gun lovers. Lots of very cool guns to browse and see pictures of.
This app is the best gun app on the Android Market, and will only get better with your input! We'd love to hear from you, post in the comments.
There are quite a few guns included in the first release, including:
# Handguns / Pistols
- Colt 1873 Single Action Army
- Colt 911A1 .45 ACP
- Walther P-38
- Browning Hi-Power
- S&W Model 29
- Glock G17
# Rifles
- Winchester 1873
- AK-47
- AR-15
- Springfield 1903
- .50 M2HB “Ma Deuce” BMG
- Heckler & Koch MP5
- M16
- Steyr AUG
- Dragunov sniper rifle
Also included are shotguns, and more.
We plan to release new features regularly, including a shooting range / gun range, gun builder, gun customization and gun modifications, gun sounds, animated guns, more gun pictures, gun tags and filtering, user-submitted guns, and more. This app is already awesome and will be even more with your 5-star ratings and comments! Have a gun picture? Email it to us with a description. It might just pop up in the app!
More about the guns in the app:
# The AK-47
Immediately known to those who don't even know guns, the AK-47 is used for good and bad across the world daily. Very widely used, this gun can be purchased inexpensively. Because of its inexpensiveness and reliability, this gun is favored by many a soldier. Nearly impossible to disable, this gun only stops when it runs out of ammo.
# The Glock G17
Controversial and infamous, the Glock G17 is favored by gangsters (and wanna-be's!). The first successful gun using a polymer-based frame. Many others have followed suit since its introduction. Extremely popular, this gun's longevity is sure to prove lasting.
# The Browning Hi-Power
John Browning's final handgun design (and possibly his best). This gun is still in production, and is used by law enforcement, police, and military all over the world. It was the first high-capacity staggered magazine handgun. Inspiration for many other successful guns.
# The Colt 911A1 .45 ACP
Widely considered as the first successful semi-auto handgun used by the military, it has been used by the United States military through four major wars. This gun has also been used by police and law enforcement. Still very popular, this gun is favored by many civilians. This gun can be customized and customized. Competitive shooters prefer it.
# The Walther P-38
This gun's groundbreaking design has inspired a wide variety of other awesome guns, including the current military standard, the M-9. Favored by the German military, this gun had the first successful DA/SA operating action.
# The Colt 1873 Single Action Army
Also known as "the Peacemaker." The Colt 1873 Single Action Army was certainly one of the most popular guns in the 1800s. Over time, many have copied this gun, and after nearly 140 years, this gun is still being manufactured by Colt
# The MG-42
Invented in 1942, this gun was used against American troops during D-Day. Shooting nearly 1,200 rounds of 8mm rifle ammo per minute, this gun can basically cut a man in half. Don't hold down the trigger too long though, the barrel is air-cooled and can melt if used too long continuously.
# The .50 M2HB “Ma Deuce” BMG (50 cal)
The 50 caliber Browning Machine Gun (BMG) M2HB "Ma Deuce" is known for its ultimate power. Ultimate might be an understatement though, as single rounds from this gun have shot down helicopters. This gun is so powerful it could shoot through both Jack Bauer AND Chuck Norris in a single shot (or three approaching vehicles)
# The Heckler & Koch MP5
Currently one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world, the MP5 has been adopted by many law enforcement, military, and security organizations. The UMP is its successor.
# The M16 rifle
The US military's version of the AR-15 rifle. Shoots both semi-auto and full-auto. Used in the Vietnam War, this family of guns is still widely used by the American military forces around the world.

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