Gun Strider
Dreamotion Inc. - Mar 20, 2017


“It’s time to end it all!”

The near future, in another world.

Under a military dictatorship, everything has been censored and oppressed for over a decade. All of humanity’s greatest achievements, including literature, music and art, as well as fundamental human emotions, relations and ideologies are crushed and strangled. But one day, a small incident occurs that will change everything.
Little did we know…
…that such a small incident would rupture into a catastrophe…

The saga of those who rose up for justice in a wicked world spiraling into oblivion starts NOW!

Intuitive Gameplay!
Tap and kill the enemies on screen before they attack you! The more enemies you can take down consecutively without making shooting failures, the more consecutive kill combos you can stack for bonus points. Shooting an innocent citizen results in penalties, so beware!
Stylish Dual Gun Action!
Recreate quick, stylish dual gun actions you enjoyed in movies with simple tap controls! The game supports dual tap controls, so you can simultaneously fire from both hands, and you can also swipe the screen left or right to attack all enemies on each side with skill attacks!
The Epitome of Style, Bullet Time!
Tap and hold on your character to activate Bullet Time! When Bullet Time is on, time slows down for you to take down enemies with ease, and you can also gain bonus points. After Bullet Time ends, a flashy camera shot and replay is shown to accentuate stylish gunfire scenes to the limit!
Compete with Players from All Around the Globe!
You can compete with players worldwide via the Ranking Mode! Additionally, login with Facebook to activate the rankings of your friends and engage in friendly competition! Test your mettle now!
Immersive Character Growth System and Tons of Weapons!
Upgrade character powers and weapons with the gold you gained from gameplay. You can upgrade numerous stats such as Power, Life, Bullet Time Count, Miss Shot Cover and much more!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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