Guns Sound 2
Guns Weapon Simulator - Apr 26, 2018


The most realistic guns sound simulator. Turn your phone into guns.
Completely free guns sound app.
This app include all kinds of weapons: pistol, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotguns, machine gun, cannon,rocket launcher and grenade.
Over 100+ kinds of guns weapon for your choose, if you are a guns lover, you will be able to find your favorite guns sound in this app.
If you want to play war and shoot game or scare others, then this guns sound app is just for you.

Main feature:
- Over 100+ kinds of guns for choose.
- Shake the phone, or click the guns to fire.
- Endless bullets.
- Realistic guns firing animation effect.
- Shocking guns sound.
- Volume adjustment function.
- Vibration effect.
- Share with friends.

Guns choose:
- United States 9mm Desert Eagle pistol
- Germany 9mm Walther P99 pistol
- Austria 9mm Glock17 pistol
- Italy 9mm Beratta 92 pistol
- Belgium Browning M1935 pistol
- American Colt pistol
- Spain Ruby M1914 pistol
- XM8、Label M1886、ROSS MK assault rifle
- Soviet Union AK47 assault rifle
- Korea 7.62mm USAS-12 Shotgun
- United States W1200 Shotgun
- Machine guns: H&k Mp5、UZi、MP18、Maxin Machineguns、STG44
- RPG、Grenades、Canoon and so on.
- many other handguns, rifle,and machineguns weapons.

Select your favorite guns, play war and shoot game with your partner, the people and animals around also will be away from and alert you!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 26, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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