Hammer Monster vs City Police
Tap 2 Run - Jan 13, 2018
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Hammer monster villain trampled down the grand city with insane hammer rampage attack. Hammer villain is on the loose and city is under his hard attack. Multi hammer hero vs city police clash has just begun for the sake of justice with grand hammer hero league. This is the heroic battle, city rampage war of Superheroes with city enemies in shape of hammer the chaos or havoc creating man. Now play this multi hammer hero vs super villains with an excellent amalgamation of all police vs hammer warrior. Hammer hero games 2018 was never been so thrilling. Play as an evil villain that has no respect for law enforcement. There is call of the real modern amazing warfare around the town in Hammer Monster VS City Police. Multi hammer hero vs evil villain from the city is ready with bat warrior hammer! Trample down swing sets and trees, smash and dent cars and feel the real heat and thrill. Thrash and run through the city persistently.

As a grand city final battle you need to be an unleashed hammer villain. The city once yours! People scream loudly and run pretty fast from hammer rampage fighting attack. Ultimate fighting, chaos and combos are waiting for you. Blaze hammer city battle has many clash scenes with police shooters and citizens with weapons. Battle against super police heroes will be an adventure challenge for hammer superhero. Powerful kungfu strikes, defensive abilities will make hammer hero strong man is ready to for crime battle. Get ready for one on one action battle against the loaded armed forces to destroy your evil enemies by making the best ever fighting strategy in the most addictive hammer hero warrior game of the era. Your city quest is to kill people and city cops from mutant hammer covered by the evil gangs. You have to fight hard for your freedom as you are caught by the evil prison guards & town cop.

In Hammer Monster VS City Police, you have to fight and punish for your survival in the city as an incredible super hero hammer warrior. Police was imprisoned you in the toughest prison because they are aware of your supernatural hero powers & survival stealth and jail break skills. A city battle zone where you need to win to regain your freedom is ready. You are a super mutant hammer hero with incredible supernatural powers with blazing hammer battle which is attacker of the city. After the grand jail break and a great escape with the fusion of hammer hero prison break secret agent. Hammer hero vs super villains police is based on a hammer hero survival and hammer hero fighter in the streets of city.

Features in Hammer Monster VS City Police:

☛ Huge rampage city to create chaos & havoc with hammer fighter hero.
☛ Realistic battlefield with smash, survival & stealth levels.
☛ Missions based on the next generation anime hammer monster story-line.
☛ Single heavy weapon with loads of hidden attack of hammer warrior hero.
☛ Unknown hammer super villain battlegrounds with combos & power shots.
☛ Epic survival, city battle & super hammer hero mutant warrior scenarios.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 13, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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