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airplanez - Aug 18, 2014
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한울2 한글입력기 [천지인]
Hanwool2 Korean Keyboard IME

A non-issue complaints / suggestions you may be fixed from the available range.

A few months ago while using the canal to create a personally like the current state of the patent donation, Samsung's patent license would provide free to the public.

Install and use the same method to other Hangul ipryeokgirang.

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* HANWOOL 2 Installation / How to Use
- Application installation (Android)
- Phone Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> Hanwool2 Korean IME check
- Phone Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> Hanwool2 Korean IME set the required settings in
- Press and hold down the Finger from the input form -> Input Method -> Hanwool2 Korean IME, select

* HANWOOL two main features
- Audio input support (using Google Voice Search)
- Custom kiseoljeong: 15 custom character / context setting
- Password entry mode: Hangul keyboard input from the U.S.
- japanbyeonhwanki (A A0) coming out the window, press and hold the features available
- Temporary QWERTY mode: temporary use QWERTY keyboard
- The keyboard height (vertical / horizontal) can be changed
- Hangul (5) English (2) the keyboard, select: Tenchijin Hangul, Hangul QWERTY, English QWERTY, U.S. hapeukwoti
- oscillation length can be set
- sound volume can be set
- special characters can be input 1 (200 more)
- Type 2 can be special characters (all Unicode)
- Built-in support for keyboard input (optimeoseukyu, andeurowon, motokwoti)

Recent changes:
* 한울2 (천지인) :0.91 : 2011-06-11
- 시스템 스킨 추가(폰의 기본스킨)
- Samsung epic 4g 내장 키보드 지원(해당폰에서는 테스트 못해봄)
- 하드웨어(블루투스) 내장/외장 키보드 사용시에는 Alt+Left 또는 Shift+Space 로 한영 전환 가능할것 같습니다.(테스트 안해봄)
- 기타

Content rating: Everyone

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 1.6 or higher

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