Happy shower
bxapps Studio - Sep 1, 2016


Hi, how are you today? do you have any plans to play with your friends? If not, then this game comes to your aid, you will be very nice to have fun with us. We know that all kids love to play when they take a bathe, in tubs, they can bring beautiful toys and at the shower they can dance and sing, to make the bathroom can be another way to have fun. What do you think? You like to play when you are at shower? This kids game will help you to prove to the world that besides the fact that you are a child with lots of energy who likes games you are a responsible child who knows how to help another child to bathe. With this baby care game you will need to take care of our children who can not handle themselves. First you should know that these kids need all your attention.
Follow all instructions and the children will be happy.
1) At the beginning of the game you must select girl or boy, so you choose who you will care for first. After choosing you will find the baby in the bathroom where waiting your help. You have to wash his hair with baby shampoo for children to wash him on the body with a shower gel for sensitive skin and every time when he cries you must provide a toy to play;
2) Now the baby is clean, you will need to wipe thoroughly with a towel, apply a lotion and then rub well with your hands, then you have to give him with baby powder and then give him a clean diaper;
3) After you have demonstrated that you can take care of a baby you have to prove that you're doing everything allright and when you need to dress him. Finally you will need to to choose the right clothes and accessories to match.
Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other baby games, games for girls to see if you're doing as well as you did before.
Thank you for taking care of the baby, you're a responsible child. You're the friend that we need and you can return whenever you want to help us through this game for kids.
Have fun!

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Sep 1, 2016
Android 2.3 or higher

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