Headuck Call Blocker / Caller ID DEV (HK)
Headuck - May 4, 2018


☆Regarding recent privacy concerns over some call-blocking apps:☆: The function of "Headuck Call Blocker" is to notify or block junk calls using the database from HKJunkCall.com or criteria specified by the user. It does not feature any "caller-id" lookup function for other calls, and does not collect such information.

This App will ★NEVER★ upload user's phonebook or account information for building a "caller-id" database or other purposes. As a local App it is fully subject to HK privacy laws.

"Headuck Call Blocker" is a call blocking app for protecting users from spam calls and other unwanted phone calls in Hong Kong, using the HKJunkCall database, and optionally other criteria e.g. ☆invalid IDD☆(blocks foreign spammers and deceptive calls), no caller ID or not in contacts, and custom lists, and identifies callers from public institutions / some commercial organisations from the caller ID.

This Development Channel is for release of experimental versions for testing purposes. Your feedback and views are welcome.

► ☆Made in Hong Kong☆
► ☆Never spams you for promotion or rating☆
► ☆No ads and other tracking and analytics software☆, saves data and protects privacy
► Display of information on callers for blocked calls, including a summary of recent calls from the caller, industry / serious level for spam calls, to aid decision on whether to pick up the call
► Block foreign '+' prefixed invalid IDD calls, ☆normal IDD not affected☆
► Automatic update of HKJunkCall database, allow setting of update time / restrict update to Wifi only. No restrictions on manual updates.
► Support Android 2.2 - 7.0
► Fullest choice of spam call blocking actions, including ☆pick up and hang up☆ (prevent call forwarding / activating mailbox), which is applicable up to Android 5.0 and above, and root options
► Custom blacklist and whitelist (import from vCard and old app), and specify allowed junk call numbers / names, e.g. specify that spam caller with a certain name should not be blocke

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 4, 2018
Android 2.2 or higher

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