Heavy Snow Excavator Simulator
Brilliant Gamez - Jan 10, 2017


Get ready to live like a rescue mission crane operator in Heavy Snow Excavator Simulator game. This new snow rescue game offers you variety of road builder and snow excavator trucks each with their own mission and difficulty.
From the experience of driving a bulldozer simulator to being a professional crane operator and maneuvering a loader dump truck; Heavy Snow Excavator Simulator offers you all sort of road construction trucks, snow plow truck and cranes for your snow excavator task. Take your chance with this city builder game and enjoy the fun of multiple construction city simulator all in one game.
Its time to be the construction worker of your own city construction site to help and rescue. Showcase your PRO skills, as you take control of the construction crew like bulldozer, backhoe, excavator, snowplow truck or even loader truck. No wonder you have some river snow excavation, construction and builder experience with many of our city construction crane operator games. But this Heavy Excavator Simulator is made specially to give you the best of sand excavator, snow excavator, road construction and city builder experience.
Once you get behind the steering wheel of the snow excavator vehicles all your focus should be only on how to complete the construction simulator and snow rescue task effectively and efficiently. Packed with full controls of heavy excavator dumper truck and other construction cranes, this game with give you a hands on experience of maneuvering hydraulic river snow excavator crane using steering and other controls.

Features of Heavy Snow Excavator Simulator
• Real Construction Site Environment 3D
• Real Snow Rescue Missions
• Drive Snow Plow Truck
• Superior Heavy Excavator Controls
• Drive Excavator Crane Like a Pro
• Challenging City Construction Levels
• Drive, Dig, Transport and More
• Packed with Full Controls of Heavy Sand Excavator, Construction Truck

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 10, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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